Better Food for your Best Friends! Now providing delivery service for our customers in Georgina & Brock!


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Good Food
Our Pets are our family!  Pet food sourced from good quality, fresh ingredients are essential to keeping them happy and healthy! 



Great selections of Raw Food
The Kibble is product to announce that Back 2 Raw is now available at our store! Complete and basic raw formulas including Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Beef, Lamb and Rabbit blends. Premium Raw food at affordable prices !

Good Fun
We carry a large assortment of fun, safe, durable toys to help you and your pets play!


Good Health
Like us, sometimes your pets need a boost!  At The Kibble House we have Vitamins and Remedies to help all kinds of furry friends!



Good Treats
We carry a large variety of healthy and tasty treats to reward your pets!  Because you know they deserve it...




Dogs and Protein

Proteins provide amino acids for healthy muscle development and growth of....

Interesting Cat Facts

Ears - More than a dozen muscles in the ear are used to precisely control movement, including the ability to...

Story of the Week

In this section of the site we will share funny and interesting stories submitted to our Facebook Page by customers...

Caring for a new Friend

These gentle beasts are from Australia but are now readily available due to their willingness to breed in captivity...


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