Good Food

Our Pets are our family!  Pet food sourced from good quality, fresh ingredients are essential to keeping them happy and healthy! 




Good Fun

We carry a large assortment of fun, safe, durable toys  to help you and your pets play!


Good Behaviour

We have a wide variety of leashes, collars and training aids to help you and your pets get along!

Good Health

Like us, sometimes your pets need a boost!  At The Kibble House we have Vitamins and Remedies to help all kinds of furry friends! 



We carry a large selection of quality pet accessories.  Looking for something unique?  We might just have it!  If not, we can order it for you!

Good Grooming

Is pet hair a problem?  No Problem!  Come see us for all of the tools you need to keep your dog or cat well groomed!

The Kibble House Welcomes Back2 Raw! High quality, nutritionally balanced raw dog food at an excellent price !!


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